Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jane Brook in the hills of Perth

Last night I felt the urge to go out and do some little exploring so I grabbed my gear(well, most of it!) and hit the road. I knew that John Forrest National Park borders on our suburbs so it should be pretty easy to find a track that leads into the NP...

As it was already past 6pm I knew I didn't have much time until the sun would set and, in fact, the valley I found and was walking into, was already covered in the long shadows of the setting sun and only reflective light lit up the scenes in front of me.

 "The Restoration Of Chaos And Disorder" 
This image is a blend of 35 different images with varying exposures and shot from different points throughout the NP. I find it embodies the roughness and uncertainty, but also the beauty that this land has to offer..

 Jane Brook as seen from a nearby path

 Jane Brook Cascades - 5-image HDR blended with LREnfuse and processed in Lightroom

 Jane Brook Pools

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos on a tree in the NP. What an amazing sight these birds are!