Sunday, October 26, 2014

Freo Harbor

Well, well, well! I wasn't actually planning to photograph Fremantle last night...
But we finished the Fremantle Power Station Earlier than expected, so I used the extra time to explore the local turf and take a few shots.

 I was quite surprised to see boats in the second and third storey, so I couldn't go past this one without taking a picture :)

 Ferris Wheel and Skate Park on the Esplanade Park

Ferris wheel fun in Freo

 Cicerello's - apparently the best Fish'n'Chips in WA... Gotta try it for yourself though :)

"Portside" - The fishing boat harbor of Fremantle

 The harbor is great for photography - with the exception of having to set your tripod up on the wooden beams, because every time someone walks past(which is like always!) the steps cause vibration which leads to camera shake... :(

Looking north, we can still see the last traces of daylight on the left and the already streetlight-illuminated clouds above town on the right. I particularly liked the reflections in the puddles.